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Our Client

A worldwide leader in networking solutions; headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

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The Challenge

The client was tasked with implementing a process to centralize best practice and success story development and distribution. With limited time and internal bandwidth available to design and execute the program, the client looked to Crawford Group’s expert marcom resources to deliver this program.

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The Solution

Crawford Group provided a dedicated field marketing resource to design and develop a systematic process for best practice and success story lead submission, story development, and distribution. Crawford Group launched an E-newsletter, whose content ranges from multisegment success stories and best practices to seller success recognition within field marketing programs, as well as promotions for potential external case studies and videos. The newsletter is distributed monthly to 1,400 recipients including sales leadership, sellers and select product team members.

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The Impact

In the four years that Crawford Group has managed the program, nearly 300 success stories have been developed and shared across global market segments. The streamlined process yielded increased exposure and accessibility of success stories company-wide. Due to hundreds of forwards and shares, total opens increased with a 45% unique open rate consistently achieved. And, more than 30% of the published success stories were leveraged annually as external case studies offering increased brand  outreach.

Key Accomplishments

  • 45% Unique Open Rate Consistently Achieved.
  • Increasted Total Opens Due to Forwards and Shares.
  • 30% of Published Success Stories Leveraged as External Case Studies.
  • Increased Exposure and Accessibility of Success Stories Company-wide.

Creation of a monthly success story newsletter yielded a unique 45% open rate and streamlined external case study development.