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Our Client

A worldwide leader in networking solutions; headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

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The Challenge

The client was experiencing a significant decline in monthly service revenue with its largest partner. With millions in losses at stake, the client quickly needed to identify the underlying problem with the partner and develop a strategy to remedy it; however, they could not identify an internal resource to dedicate to this challenge.

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The Solution

Crawford Group provided a dedicated business development resource who designed a strategy to increase service revenue and collaborated with both the client and partner to accelerate service deals that had been stagnate. Bringing visibility to the value of attaching services to sales contracts and creating and implementing incentives to help drive service sales, the client and partner experienced sharp increases in service contract execution. Crawford Group also created sales portals giving users access to data and performance reports as well as resources to educate them on the value of services. Collaborating with marketing and services team stakeholders within both organizations, Crawford Group cultivated a stronger partnership.

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The Impact

Within one quarter Crawford Group’s service revenue strategy led to over $12 million in business, $10 million of which was net new attached service contracts, resulting in:

• An 80% attach rate of services to sales contracts for the first time in the history of their partnership
• A strengthened partnership between key decision makers and influencers at both the client and partner organization.

Key Accomplishments

  • $12M+ Monthly Service Sale;
  • $10M Was Net New Attached Service Contract
  • 80% Net New Attached Service Contracts
  • Sales Portal Provides Access to Performance Data and Resources; Brings Visibility to Value of Services
  • Cultivated Stronger Partnerships

Revised service revenue strategy leads to $10 million in new service contracts with an attach rate of 80%.