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Our Client

Leader in video, voice, and content solutions, headquartered in the Northern California.

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The Challenge

The client had an unexpected medical leave two weeks prior to their anniversary event, live|webcast launch event, and a customer advisory board meeting. They needed high-level, experienced event marketers whom could ‘hit the ground running’ and manage the execution of event strategy and programs.

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The Solution

Within Crawford Group’s vast network of marketing professionals we quickly identified the perfect consultants – a Senior Event Marketing Strategist and Event Marketing Manager. They led event strategy, overall project management and on-site exection of all marketing programs.

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The Impact

The high-caliber consultants provided business continuity with minimal disruption, operational excellence, and a seamless transition into existing team. The high-profile programs were executed flawlessly with messages on target and deliverbles exceeding expectations.

12,297 registrants
Live webcast duration averaged 47.4 minutes
92% saw value in new product within their organization
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Key Accomplishments

  • 12,297 Registrants
  • 47.4 Minute Live Webcast Average Duration
  • 92% Saw Value In New Product Within Organization
  • Business Continuity With Minimal Distruption

Key Responsibilities

  • Events Strategy
  • Events Marketing
  • Logistics Management
  • On-site Management
  • Webcast Program Management
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Internal Communications