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Our Client

A global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions, headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

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The Challenge

The client needed to deploy a North America seminar tour to support its subscription growth goal. Yet they lacked the internal resources and the experience needed to plan and execute a largescale series of live events. To add to the complexity, they only had six weeks to design, develop and deploy the program to meet managements’ desired kickoff date.

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The Solution

A managed service of expert event marketing resources worked diligently to procure event space for each city, facilitated the launch of a registration site, developed and managed a comprehensive budget, while simultaneously navigated changes to the event format, timeline, and scope. The Crawford Group teams’ event planning, logistics, and management expertise assured the client of the implementation and delivery of the program on the required kickoff date.

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The Impact

The overall success of the seminar tour resulted in an increase of audience conversion to trial membership or full subscription. In addition:

• Came in underbudget providing funding for future programs.
• Allowed client to focus on content development, not program execution.
• Exceeded attendance goals through strategic communication programs.
• 88% 'Attendee rated experience as Excellent' or 'Very Satisfactory' 

Finally, the client team was so pleased with the program execution they invited Crawford Group to once again collaborate on the plans for the next tour.

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Key Accomplishments

  • Increased conversion rate to full subscribers
  • Came in under budget
  • Allowed client to focus on content development strategy
  • Exceeded attendance goals
  • 88% of attendees rated program 'Excellent' or 'Very Satisfactory'

Key Responsibilities

  • Venue Sourcing & Contracting
  • Onsite Management
  • Logistics
  • Registration Management
  • Demand Generation
  • Digital Asset Development
  • Marketing Communications
  • Project Management
  • Sponsor Management

Technology Expertise

  • SFDC
  • Adobe Connect
  • Microsoft Office