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Our Client

A global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions; headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

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The Challenge

Our client needed an efficient and effective way to train and educate the 1,000+ members of its global sales staff on new products, new features, company acquisitions, and sales practices. The annual sales conference was getting bogged down with in-depth educational sessions, and the company needed to provide training on a more frequent basis.

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The Solution

The company engaged us to provide a turnkey, customized sales enablement webinar program to keep staff up to date. In addition to planning, hosting, and managing the sessions, we used a learning management system (LMS) to ensure that salespeople get education credits and the company knows which areas to focus on when developing future learning content.

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The Impact

Over a period of three years, we’ve delivered 5–7 webinar sessions per week to give salespeople the tools and knowledge they need to succeed at their jobs. By making ongoing education easily available via a web browser, the program has enabled the company to change the focus of its annual sales conference to the biggest strategic initiatives affecting the business.

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Key Accomplishments

  • Delivered 5-7 Sessions/Week
  • or, 250+ Sessions/Year
  • Learner Progress Tracked via LMS to Help Fine-tune Content
  • Program Scales to Accomodate Company Growth
  • Company Focus on Sales Conference Strategic Initiatives

Key Responsibilities

  • Event communications
  • Scheduling
  • Production
  • Session hosting
  • Rehearsal and deck management
  • Results reporting

Technology Expertise

  • Adobe Connect
  • Adobe Captivate for LMS Integration
  • SABA